We are making some changes to our life trajectory! My husband will probably be taking a new job that will change his career path. This also changes our income, drastically. So I am redoing our budget and will not be able to pay off debt as fast as I have been. We will still be putting every spare penny to debt, but the spare pennies will be less. I am ready for the challenge and know it will be a struggle for the first few months as we transition to a more strict budget.

I am making huge changes to our lifestyle and evaluating what really is a need versus a luxury. We needed to cut a good $700 monthly out of our spending to be able to take this opportunity.

So here is how I made it happen :

  • Slashed our eating out budget down to $60, savings of $400 (we were a bit excessive in our outings)
  • Decreased our grocery budget to $50 a week. I am using meal planning and make ahead meals. Savings of $200
  • Canceled gym subscriptions since the hubs will be able to use the gym at his work. Savings of $44
  • Reduced gas expense by not driving 30 minutes each way, savings of $50
  • Canceled PS Vue, savings of $35 (we already have Netflix and that’s all we need!)

I am really excited for this opportunity for him, but the first few months are going to be rough! We are downsizing our lifestyle and making new priorities. His mental health and physical health are more important than the money that is being brought in. We do not want to live the status quo. So, I am going to try some drastic ways to save money!

First, I am instituting a laundry ration! If the clothes are only worn for a couple hours and are not dirty, they get hung back up. This saves water, electricity, and detergent.

Second, no more paper towels, which doesn’t seem as drastic to anyone, but my husband who is all about food safety. We will use homemade reusable paper towels.

Third, no more TV after 7pm. This will save on electricity and productivity.

Last, but not least. I made more homemade reusable wipes. :O Just like ones used for babies, but will only be used for bathroom trips not resulting in poo. 😉 Toilet paper is expensive. I keep it real on here and a bit of truth for you, I used the wipes during my period because I have PCOS and heavy flows. It made me feel cleaner. So, why not re-purpose!

School starts this week so I will be a busy bee! What are some of the drastic things you have done to cut costs?

The Transplant Arkansan 🙂

Keto on a Budget?

Alright y’all! It’s time to get down to healthy business around here! The Hubs and I have been wanting so badly to be healthier and more fit. I have PCOS and so carbs wreak havoc with my system and his family has diabetes in it, so low sugar and carbs is the best approach for us.

Enter Ketogenic eating! It is very low carb, moderate protein, and high fat. What is Keto? I think Wicked Stuffed Keto has a great definition and helped a lot when I started researching. I am also limiting my dairy intake as most of the internet agrees that it creates an insulin response that leads to more insulin resistance. I added links for extra information! Who doesn’t love extra information?! 🙂

So! We have really cut down on our grocery budget over the last few months, however, there is always more work to be done. Some of my favorite cheap keto staples are hard boiled eggs, coconut oil, spinach, kale, and romaine salads with meat salads, and walnuts, all of the walnuts! Okay, so maybe Walnuts are not really cheap, but they are a great fat and great source of Omega-3 fatty acids and manganese, which again are great for women with PCOS.

Also, my favorite sauce is the Newman’s Own Alfredo… It is so good and low carb that I put it in my Chicken Pot Pie casserole! It is only $1.55 at Walmart and I can use it twice! Total winner in my book. I will put up the recipe in the next few days.

This week, my grocery spending was down to $61.04. Whewt Whewt!! Meal planning is my jam right now because I use every morsel of food. I am able to use a whole chicken cooked in the crockpot for 3 meals! It is only $5 at Aldi’s! If you have not checked out your local Aldi’s, do it! Get in your car right now and go check it out. Aldi has many organic options and for cheap, too! Like Avocados, $5 for 6 organic Avocados?! Oh yes, I am all about that. Make sure to bring a quarter to use a cart since you have to unlock with the quarter, but don’t worry you get it back! Bring your own bags or you will be sad while hauling your groceries in by each item. I am all about the one trip and use reusable grocery bags.


So, $61.04 was spent to make a 9×13 pan of chicken pot pie (2 meals), taco salad(2 meals), chicken salad to munch on for lunches, salads for lunches with salami and other deli meats, cauliflower chicken fried rice, keto pancakes(I love breakfast for supper), nuts, sweet peppers stuffed with goat cheese and salami(so so good and quick), and some spearmint tea for the night.

I think every Sunday I will do a check in for weight and debt.

Check-in 1!

  • Weight – 241.6 pounds
  • Debt – $11,353.22

Let’s do some work this week on those numbers!