The Laundry Experiment Update!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have an update on saving money by instituting a laundry ban! 😉 Not only has it cut down on my laundry costs, it has also cut down on my labor! I think the latter is my favorite part, tehe. I have only done one load since my last post! That is 3 loads that I did not have to do! 3 little cups of laundry soap, the water, and the drying energy!

In the small scheme of things, “oh it’s only 3 loads”, but multiply that by 52 weeks and it’s 156 loads! That is a whole bottle of our laundry soap and 6,240 minutes of dryer time! :O I am very curious to see the change in my electricity bill if there is one! I am quite sure there will be one.

Not only does it help that I am doing less laundry, Mr. Arkansan and I have gotten into the habit of hanging our clothes up the moment we come home if they are not stained or super dirty. Cleaner house, less work, and saving money and water… I am in!

I am very surprised about how clean our clothes have stayed! And not wrinkled at all. Plus, I iron less as well. Which is a sad thing for me as I do love ironing shirts and pants!

Next step, creating a capsule wardrobe! Any hints or tricks?! Help a girl out!

-The Transplant Arkansan 🙂

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