First post, eh?

There is a bit of pressure for the first post, huh! Well, let’s just get it over with then. 😉  I wish I would have started this blog two years ago! It could have documented a lot of the struggles and great events that have happened, too. I suppose there are a lot of shoulda coulda wouldas, but no need to dwell in those anymore. I have a plan, it’s get out of debt, lose some weight, and enjoy the little things and new adventures that Arkansas brings. Below is a picture of my very first adventure in Arkansas, Petit Jean. I felt like I was going to die, the heat and humidity was way worse than I had ever encountered. Not to mention, I directed us on the wrong path, so instead of an easy walk up it, we had a moderate to expert route. Yeah, I will never live that down.

It was beautiful when we arrived at the top, though. That’s my handsome husband with the magnificent beard I mentioned in my ‘About’ page. (I mean, c’mon it is amazing)

Back to the plans!

  1. Get out of debt, pay off the mortgage early and cash flow the rest of my education.
  2. Get healthy!
  3. Make new friends. (I still don’t have very many I talk to on a regular basis down here)

Next post I will be talking all about my debt plan! Gotta spend my dolla dolla bills in a much smarter way!

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